I began this blog during one of the most difficult points in my life with the simple intention of venting.  Things have calmed down significantly since I began blogging four months ago, but my life (& my blog) feel a bit directionless in the wake of such an intense summer.  But I have a solution: weekly features! (Okay…so I obviously didn’t come up with this, I’ve just seen it on a bunch of blogs I read. 🙂 )  Future Tuesday posts will be about the craziness of nannying, and Fridays will be about the volunteer organizations I’m becoming involved with.  So please bear with my incredibly lame feature names:  “Toddler Tuesday” and “Fix the World Friday.”  Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something catchier, but I’d love (love love love) suggestions.

Until then, please enjoy this growling baby: