Okay, so I just noticed it’s Wednesday (where is the week going?!)

Favorite Moments of my job:

  1. Getting Bugaboo up from his nap.  He’s still sleepy and has to be carried down the stairs, folded over my shoulder like when he was a baby.  We sit on the couch with his sister for a few quiet minutes for everyone to wake up.
  2. Getting Cakey off the bus…the way she charges at me, squealing “SUZAAAAAANNE!!!”
  3. The peaceful look of total trust the baby gives me when she’s snug in my lap with her bottle.
  4. Watching Lady and the Tramp for the millionth time in a snuggle pile with my two “big buddies.”
  5. Hearing that Bugaboo cried every night while I was gone asking for “Boo car.”    (Okay…that might be a little mean, but it’s nice to be missed.)
Least favorite moments in my job:
  1. Cakey’s bedtime temper tantrums.  I can take a screaming two year old (he’s gotten into the habit of doing what I call “rage planking”), but six year olds are much more dedicated to their tantrums and won’t be distracted by anything but total acquiescence.
  2. Discovering that Bugaboo wasn’t lying about not putting cake mix on the baby, and the smell is actually a huge blowout diaper.  (Yes, I confused the smell of cake mix with a breastfed baby’s poopy diaper.  This is my life.)  A short time later Cakey asks why I have carrot baby food on my shirt.  Oh the horror of realization.
  3. Cakey telling me she feels invisible because I’m always “playing” with the baby.  (The baby had reflux until recently and what Cakey thought was playing was actually me trying to soothe a really really cranky baby.)

I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to watch these children grow, and to be a part of their childhoods.

In other news…A friend of The Boy’s sister has an 8 month old daughter who was recently diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1.  There are four types of SMA, ranked in severity from 1 to 4…type 1 is the most severe.  Though it is the number one killer of children under two, there is no mandatory screening for it.  People have rallied around this little angel and her family to raise money for her medical care, and awareness of the disease itself.  Please visit http://www.evasmiracle.com/