Tomorrow it will officially be three months.  I know he doesn’t remember the exact day and probably won’t call me to “re-evaluate the situation,” but that’s okay.  A few weeks ago I was still fighting the crying attacks, telling myself “you’re okay.  you have to be okay.”  Today, I recognize that while I still love him, he is going through something that I am powerless over.  I’m lucky enough to be on good terms with him as well as his family, so if this is more than temporary I know I won’t lose a whole group of loved ones.

I’ve often had the feeling that my friends don’t take my job seriously, but recently one of them began nannying for a family with three (older) children.  She texted me after her first day saying she was too exhausted to call and “How on Earth do you do this every day?!” In truth, the kids I take care of are really wonderful.  They’re (usually) well behaved, respectful, and so sweet.  I’ve been with them since their oldest was three, and I’m more than a little attached to them at this point.  Nannying has not only been a great incentive for birth control, but I’ve gained so much more respect for my mother.  I remember being five and thinking how I would never lie about setting the timer for nap, or use manipulation to get my kids to wash their hands or go inside for dinner.  Well, they’re not my kids, but I’ve told them they only need to nap until the timer (that I never set) goes off, tricked them into washing their hands by claiming I can make more bubbles than them, and used racing as a ploy to get everyone inside for dinner.

Bottom line?  I’m a lucky gal.  I love my job, and while I may be single, I have a whole lot of love in my life.