Having surpassed my goal of reading 20 books in 2011, I went all out and set this year’s goal at 100 books.

And I’ve read one so far.

I just finished reading Jeffrey Eugenides’ newest book, The Marriage Plot.  I’m a huge fan of his writing (even though I thought The Virgin Suicides was more pretentious than actually good), but this one disappointed me.  Maybe because Madeleine’s story hit a little too close to home, but more likely because I was dissatisfied with the ending.  While that was probably the author’s aim, I felt the way he ended the book was kinda like “GOTCHA! NOTHING I FORESHADOWED WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN.  The end.”

(That was the most shameful review of Eugenides ever written.)

Keeping with the pretentious literature, I’m reading Kafka on the Shore…and kinda hate it.