When I was 9 I discovered Sailor Moon.  Not the english dubbed stuff the aired on Cartoon Network…the illegally subtitled VHS tapes they sold at the mall.  It took over my life and allowance. It was all I thought about or talked about until middle school.  Eventually I realized being “that weird Sailor Moon girl” wasn’t conducive to making friends…so I toned it down a lot.  I vowed I’d never get so obsessed with a show again…and have failed miserably.

I am completely obsessed with American Horror Story.  It’s dumb, campy, and unbelievably addictive.  Anytime the kids I take care of are napping, or The Boy leaves to go to the gym, or I have control of the remote, I end up rewatching episodes and looking for clues to “mysteries” that have so far been too obvious for me to figure out.

It’s getting to be a problem.  All I want to talk about is “IS VIOLET DEAD?!  I THINK SHE’S DEAD…BUT MAYBE ITS A TRICK AND SHE’S NOT AND…” but no one else watches it so I might as well be talking to my cat.  Which I usually am.

I live for Wednesday nights.  I get angry when the episode ends because I have to wait a whole week to find out if VIOLET IS FREAKING DEAD.

Reasons I Can’t Stop Watching this Dumb Show:

  1. Violet is pretty much me in high school.
  2. I’m a little morbid.  (My best friend and I used to hang out in a cemetery as teenagers.)
  3. Tate.  I want so badly to like the kid even though every week his character gets darker and darker.
  4. Jessica Lange is amazing.
  5. Most of the music is from artists I loved as a pretentious indie kid.  (Like Carina Round.)

Come on, even the promotional song is addictive: