Woah…where did October go?!  And where did all this free time come from?!

Over the past two weeks:

  1. I got my CPAP machine! (Really not exciting for anyone besides me, who can’t get over the fact that I go to sleep looking like an elephant.)
  2. I officially applied to Yale’s GEPN program!  (And will probably have butterflies in my tummy til I hear back in December.)
  3. I turned 23!
  4. We had a horrible power outage for four days!
  5. The defroster in my car stopped working…just in time for the year’s first snow storm!  So, in addition to only being able to listen to “The Point of No Return” from Phantom of the Opera, I now have to drive with the windows down and the air conditioning blasting after sunset.  Woohoo!!!
  6. The family I work for is visiting family out of state…so I have the rest of the week off.
  7. My boyfriend’s brother-in-law organized a hugely successful benefit dinner for a friend’s 9 month old daughter who is living with SMA type 1.