I’m sitting in my un-ex boyfriend’s apartment with his cat, Lulu, who’s been throwing up all night.  I’m supposed to be writing my personal statement for Yale, but that’s obviously not happening.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I suck at being a grown up.  (Is 22 really a grown up?)

  1. Following through on things…completing applications, writing my blog, laundry, replying to emails.
  2. Knowing anything about pop-culture.  Being a nanny doesn’t help this.  Neither does an unfortunate car accident with your neighbor’s mailbox, causing your radio antenna to snap off like a twig.  All my CDs are scratched, except one..which creepily only plays “The Point of No Return” from Phantom.  (Rush hour is so much more fun with Raul screaming “Oh my GOD, my GOD!”)
  3. Doing things considered age-inappropriate in super-serious situations.  Most recently, I was attending a four person info session at Yale’s nursing school when I realized I’d been drinking a juice box while the two other applicants drank their bottled water…like grown-ups.

And I’m stealing internet.