Thank you all for your kind words, they’ve been such a comfort in this ickyness.

Cakey and I went to the movies yesterday.  As always, it was quite the adventure.  After buying our tickets, going potty, and picking out candy, we had no idea which theater our movie was playing in.  So we shuffled back to the lobby, trying not to spill our super-jumbo popcorn.

Me (to Ticket Lady): Excuse me?  Which theater is Mr. Popper’s penguins?

Ticket Lady: To the left.

(There were 20 theaters to the left.)

Me: …thank you!

We then asked the gentlemen selling popcorn…and were told that it was “one of the first ones to the left.”

Cakey: Thanks a lot. 

Me: That wasn’t very nice.

Cakey: Well they weren’t very helpful.

So, I ushered the little one into the first theater on the left…where we were greeted by the voice of Lord Voldemort proclaiming “HARRY POTTER IS DEAD!!! BWAHAHAHA!”  After quickly re-ushering her out, we chased down a janitor who showed us to our movie.  

No one else showed up, so it was proclaimed a “Princess showing.”  We ate too much candy, and changed seats several times just because we could.  Afterwards, we played the crane machine in the lobby and won.  On the drive home she told me how she’d keep her new pink puppy forever.

“Miss Suzanne, I will keep my pink puppy forever.  Even if you pass away, I’ll never forget the day you won a pink dog.” 

Um…thanks sweetie.