My mother and I are flying down to Florida next Tuesday to be with my grandparents.  I’m so scared that I feel sick.  The selfish part of me wants to bury my head in the sand and stay here, but I know I could never live with myself if I didn’t go.


  1. The family I work for.  I felt so guilty telling them I’m leaving in a week and have no idea when I’ll be back…especially since I haven’t had any time to find a sub.  Before I could apologize for anything, they were smothering me with hugs and offering to make meals for my dad while we’re gone.
  2. The years I had an extra set of parents.  I used to bound through the door and announce, “Nanny I’m home!”  I never knew the agony of sibling rivalry…the new baby could have mommy and daddy, I had “Nanny” and “Pop-Pop.”
  3. All the little ones in my life.  I spent yesterday afternoon watching The Boy’s 2 year old nephew and 5 month old niece.  Nothing calms my heart like a baby falling asleep in my arms.
  4. The Boy.  Seriously, he’s the best ex-boyfriend ever.