The past week has been…rough.  My grandmother has pancreatic cancer and decided to discontinue chemo.  After discovering that the hospice nurse was not there to euthanize her, she changed her mind about allowing my sister and I to see her.  So, it seems my mother, sister and I will be temporarily re-locating to Florida.  Everything is very up in the air…we don’t know when we’re leaving, or when we’ll be back.

Stupid things I’m anxious about:

  1. Finding someone to sub for me at work.
  2. Falling behind on grad school apps.
  3. Having to postpone treatment for my (brand new!) sleep apnea.

Obviously these little things don’t even scratch the surface of the sadness and anxiety I feel for my grandmother.  She and my grandfather essentially raised me until I was 5, so it feels more like I’m losing my mother than a grandparent.  But, I’ve been doing my best to keep busy, and stay out of the house when the sadness is too much.

Perhaps consequently, I’ve been spending more time with The Boy and his family for the past week or so.  They’ve been such a comfort, and I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.  Part of me was always a little afraid that they only liked me because I was dating their son/brother/uncle/cousin, but since the breakup they’ve continued to be as welcoming and wonderful as the day I met them.  I really cannot say enough good things about this family.

So lovely readers, how do you deal with worry?