So, yesterday was my first day back at work.  Sort of.

The family I work for had a party to welcome the new baby.  I was supposed to just be another guest, but because I’m shy and awkward around new people, I ended up taking care of their equally shy two year old.  The parents kept reminding me that I was supposed to be relaxing with the other grown-ups, but it was more fun playing hide & seek with their son than standing in a corner alone.

Speaking of their son…he’s afraid of his new sister.  He has a baby doll that sings when you push its chest, so when he met his new sister, he basically punched her in the chest.  He was startled when she screamed instead of singing “Twinkle Twinkle” and hasn’t gone near her since.  On the other hand, their older daughter adores the baby and was more than a little reluctant to let anyone else hold her.

When I finally joined the adults, the new baby was being passed around the room.  Fortunately she’s like her brother and (so far) can sleep through anything.  When it was finally my turn, her little fingers curled around my pinky and my heart just melted.  Her brother did the same thing when I first held him (which feels more like a week ago than two and a half years ago).

Life’s going to be a little more crazy, but the good kind. 🙂