Seriously?  What do single twenty-something girls do?  Okay, what if you’re shy and can’t handle more than a few sips of alcohol?

Yeah, I pretty much spend my life watching “Bolt the Superdog” (for the freaking 80 billionth time), baking, working on my grad school apps, and getting way too excited about True Blood.  Oh, and if it’s a really wild night I might have a glass of wine.  At home.  With my cat.

I mean, I’ve gone out with my other single friends since April, but honestly haven’t really enjoyed any of it.  Maybe it’s because I spend most of my days with a 6 year old and a toddler, but I  don’t feel I have very much in common with most of my friends at this point.  They lived away at college without working, I commuted from home and got a full-time job.

I went out with my friend, The Compulsive Liar, earlier this week for dessert…and the conversation was basically:

TCL: So how’s life?

Me: Oh, you know…busy.  The kids have been-

TCL: Huh…yeah.  I have a new guy.  He’s new to Georgia too and blahblahblah-TMI-that-I-never-wanted-to-hear.

Me: …I want to throw something at you I’m really happy for you.

TCL: And omigawd…did I tell you about work?  I’m directing a movie with J-Lo.

(At this point I have a sudden pang of missing The Boy, who had always wanted to follow-up everything that came out of this girl’s mouth with “no you didn’t.”  And not in that sassy-girl way.)

I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.  I mean, unless she wanted to hear about the horrors of potty training (and nobody does) or discuss the new after school lineup on PBS.