I usually start my morning with Dr. Phil (the two year old I nanny for really likes the sound of “Daar-fee’s” voice).  I like his weird sayings more than his advice, but this morning’s episode is about men and midlife crises.  The husband in the first couple wants a divorce to go out and flirt with other women, but wants to remain in a relationship with his wife.   He claims that he was pressured into marriage, she claims that he promised her a ring.

He says that there are no problems in his marriage, that it’s the best relationship he’s ever been in, but he just doesn’t want to be married.  *cue Twilight Zone music*

Hate to say it, but three months into this mess…maybe it is for the best.  I don’t want to commit myself to someone who’s uncertain of his intentions, or might someday turn the tables on me and say that I pressured him.  If things work out, that’s great…I can really see myself building a life with this person…but if not I know there are other potentially great relationships out there for me.