I feel peaceful this morning.

  1. Professionally: I’ve visited two university campuses, made three appointments to speak to administrators, and spoken to a professor as well as a family friend in the healthcare field.  This might be a normal amount of proactivity for someone my age, but it took me…mmm…four or five months to do half of this for my MPH.
  2. Socially:  I have plans to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon, and tentative plans to go out this weekend with my cousin Julie.  This might be a “slow weekend” for most people my age, but honestly the only time I ever ever ever went out was when I was with The Boy, so the fact that I’m not only going out, but making the arrangements on my own is downright shocking.
  3. Physically:  Well, I’m still sore from that class last week…but I haven’t dropped off my registration to the gym.
  4. Emotionally: Much like this blog, I feel a bit frenetic, but for now I’m okay.
I went to another outdoor concert with The Boy’s mom last night.  (I know it’s probably weird to hang out with your ex’s mom, but we were friends before I began dating him…and she’s like a 2nd mom to me at this point.)  I got dressed up, telling myself it was for me rather than the chance that he might show up again…but as the concert went on and he didn’t show up, getting looks from strangers wasn’t enough.  So, I called him during intermission, (yeah…so much for self-respect.) and left early to meet him.
It wasn’t exactly at all platonic, but it was nice.  After some initial awkwardness, things felt comfortable again.  He took me out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we laughed too loudly at each other’s jokes and made plans to see the last Harry Potter movie together.  As we were leaving he opened the car door for me.  Once we were back at his place, he walked me all the way to my car, rather than watching from his building’s doorway (though this could de do in part to the probable drug deal going on in the parking lot). He hugged me before I got back in my car and asked me to text him when I got home.
It was a good night, and I woke up this morning feeling better.  I’m happier with him in my life, but I don’t want to be happy because of him, you know?