Fireworks are suddenly so lame when you have no one to snuggle up to.  But, I don’t want this post to be about him.  I’m making some changes and taking my life in a slightly different direction.

  1. Professionally: I’m considering going to get my RN before my MPH.  I’ve never really thought of being a nurse, but an old professor mentioned it to me recently and suddenly I find myself wanting to be a pediatric APRN.  (Nannying is fine for the meantime though =)
  2. Socially: I’m being much more proactive about getting out of the house.  I have tentative plans for almost every evening this week.  (!!!)
  3. Physically: I’m joining Crossfit (finally!) and taking better care of my health.  (Which mean eating even when the food reminds me of sad things.)
  4. Emotionally: I’ve had several people tell me I need to regain my self-respect this week.  While hearing it from one of them was downright laughable, I believe the others.  Mistakes have been made, and I had a definite hand in them.
I am so close to finishing Ada or Ardor.  What to read next….