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I’ve had asthma since 7th grade.  It’s not something I really think about until I’m at my doctor’s office being yelled at because I have bronchitis again.  But, since it’s been bad lately, I schlepped down to New York to see my pulmonary specialist.

First off, I love my pulmonary doctor.  I’ve been seeing him since he was a young resident with badly-dyed orange hair.  Even though he’s a pediatric specialist and I’m (technically) a grown-up, he continues to see me.   He’s very soft-spoken and sweet, so I felt really badly for laughing when he showed me how to use my new medication.

The first one seems like it was designed by a former drug user.


Yeah.  It’s an egg-shaped magical capsule-crusher/inhaler thingy and capsules of powder that can’t be exposed to light until use.  In order to take the medication, you have to open the inhaler, put the capsule in, crush it, and then inhale.  Oh, then you have to rinse out the excess powder from your mouth or something…bad…will happen.  (Since it’s not a steroid I have no idea what this could be.)  Somehow, I managed to hold it together for this one.  But…

The second one, “Asmanex,” quite honestly looks like a penis.

My mom had come into the appointment with me, and I could almost hear her thinking “DON’T LAUGH. DON’T LAUGH. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.”

At this point, I suffered an uncontrollable giggle fit, because…well…seriously?!