I’ve been struggling to write a funny post lately.  Not that nothing funny has happened (I’m a nanny…every day is a new adventure), but I’ve been so darned negative that I can’t focus on anything outside of this emptiness the past few months have left me with.

And that’s really not me.  I’m far from being Mary Sunshine, but I’ve always had my sense of humor to make light of whatever icky situation I’ve found myself in.

Five Things I’m Grateful for Today:

  1. My job.  No matter how crazy they make me, those kids have forced me back into the land of the living when all I want to do is watch twelve hours of SVU.
  2. Lady Gaga’s new album.  Because even though I honestly don’t like it, it’s nice to have someone telling you “we’re not gonna cry anymore” when you’re feeling alone.
  3. Supportive people.  The Boy’s mother has continued to be the wonderful second mother she’s always been to me.  I’ve been showing up at my friend Heather’s house a blubbering mess at least once a week, and she hasn’t told me to go away yet.
  4. True Blood.  Because it’s not Twilight.  And now that I’m single, I don’t feel so guilty for drooling whenever Eric Northman is onscreen.
  5. Baking.  Because it lets me focus on something I actually have control over.
  6. Vladimir Nabokov.  Ada or Ardor has been there with its heartbreakingly beautiful prose to quiet my mind at 3 a.m.
  7. This